Dear members, families and friends of NMCB 14,

As I mentioned in my last corner, our NMCB14 Seabees continue to deploy around the word and the need for us to continue our mission in support of them as well. Since our last newsletter, the association continues to be active and has provided support to several of our Bee’s; support no other organization can provide. I would like to send out a personal thank you and BZ to the members of the assistance committee and those who have aided them in their efforts. Your commitment to the Alumni Association and our mission fills me with great deal of pride in our community; you truly “walk the walk.”

I would also like to recognize those working on the reunion committee. This year’s reunion is shaping up to be something quite special. As a reminder, it will be held in Orlando at the very doorstep of the Universal Studios theme park – leading up to Halloween. For those not familiar, Universal has a special Halloween themed event called Halloscream and it will be getting underway as our reunion happens. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring the family and make a Universal or other Central Florida theme park vacation part of our reunion.

On another topic, I was recently invited to speak to the sailors and Seabees at the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in Orlando. Mike Grace and I spoke about the dedication and commitment to each other as servicemen and women and how its importance actually grows with time. We were received extremely well and got to spend some quality time with new and old shipmates. Thanks go to Norm Dupuis for pulling it all together in true Seabee fashion and for keeping the association in the minds of our young Seabees!

In closing, I would like to ask each and every one to start making plans for the reunion – Stacy and I sure are!

Mark Blue, President